Like most of the world our hearts are drawn to what’s been happening in Syria with the recent chemical attacks and the response of western airstrikes. Unlike most of the world, we have the unique privilege of living amongst and serving the community of Syrian refugees here in Iraq.
What do our friends and victims of decades of genocide actually believe? Over the last two years we have worked with different groups of Yazidi peoples. By sharing a meal, playing games, sharing stories and spending time with them every week, they have become like family to us. Because of this relationship we’ve been able to share our beliefs together and during these times we got to know a little more about their faith. IS
We are totally undone and so privileged to have been able to run our first ever women’s program here on the ground in a refugee camp. It was an incredible 8 weeks! These women (in our program) are refugees forced to flee from their homes over a year and a half ago due to the situation with ISIS. When meeting with the camp director, he mentioned that a program like this had never been done before and that in a year in a half it was the first program of its type. He gave us full permission to move forward and we couldn’t have been more honored!