Sponsor A Child

You probably don't need us to tell you: there's darkness in our world.

How else could it be explained? In 2009 alone, it was estimated that 1.2 million children were trafficked for sexual exploitation. And in India, experts believe that child trafficking has increased by 65% in the past decade. 12.6 million children are forced to work in occupations deemed “hazardous”. 44,000 children are abducted  each year.

For many of the most vulnerable, the statistics are bleak and the conditions are unimaginable…

But the Light of the world has come.

So we are not afraid of the darkest places — the light shines in darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. We are running to these kids — the ones overlooked even by aid organizations, pulling them off train tracks, out of child labor camps and the slums, out of temple prostitution and into the arms of Love.

For $39 a month, we can provide a child with food, shelter an education, and so much more. That means that a child who was surviving off of trash will have three meals a day. A child who was vulnerable to traffickers on the streets will have a bed and a safe place to sleep. A child without options will be given a uniform, books, and school fees — access to the life-changing gift of education.

And the Kingdom is advancing.

Because we want to be clear — this isn’t simply a humanitarian organization. Our goal is to unabashedly invite these kids into the reality of the fullness of the Gospel — into the truth that they are precious, known, and chosen, worth dying for, and that the Living God wants to dwell inside of them. The children you sponsor will receive spiritual mentoring, their own Bible, and an introduction to the only power that can truly bring abundant life from the most hopeless of circumstances: the reckless love of Jesus Christ.

We know — there’s darkness in the world. But we have the power to change that. Join us — let’s light it up.