Our team on the ground in India runs our Child Development program through Child Sponsorships. The children we cover in India mainly come from the streets, from families that work in Labour camps, or the sex trade. We will not stop with the preaching of the Gospel, but must be quick to action in fulfilling the practical needs of those who are suffering.

We are running to these kids— the ones overlooked even by aid organizations, pulling them off train tracks, out of child labor camps and the slums, out of temple prostitution and into the arms of Love.

For $39 a month, we can provide a child with food, shelter an education, and so much more.

That means that a child who was surviving off of trash will have three meals a day. A child who was vulnerable to traffickers on the streets will have a bed and a safe place to sleep. A child without options will be given a uniform, books, and school fees — access to the life-changing gift of education.

Sponsor A Child